Where it all began

It all started with a phone call. A family member’s DJ had backed out of their wedding reception, and they had no backup plan. Though only barely a sophomore in high school, she purchased VDJ and put her music collection to work.

Since that April in 2007, DJ Nonay has built her reputation to become known as one of the best female DJs in ATL. She expresses her love for music through DJing, using every song played as a token that has added to the memories of hundreds of parties, weddings, and corporate events.

Originally from New Jersey, she grew up having exposure to a wide variety of music by her parents. This fueled her love for music at a young age, leading to her becoming a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and avid music lover. This rich background gives her a natural ability to blend unexpected songs together with signature creative flair, making her mixes stand out with tight scratching & live remixes. DJs who have had a major influence on her style are DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ AM, DJ Craze and DJ Skratch B. She continues to hone her skills in musicianship, DJing and production.